A website promotion campaign can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. It involves everything from the optimization of your website meta tags, increasing link popularity and determining the precise keyword density. Indian Freelancers offer the most cost-effective search engine optimization and search engine registration methods available today. Website Promotion is time-consuming, so don’t spend precious time with promotion of your site when you have a business to run, leave that to the web promotion specialists!

Whether your company is new to the web or your website has been up for years, our freelance web promotion team will professionally optimize and submit your website in major search engines and get the ranking you need to get the visitors hits needed to make you business successful. Nowadays so many websites are on the web but without their proper website promotion business cannot be benefited.

Ethical website promotion methodologies. Our goal is to promote quality search engine optimization and placement services! It is our methodologies and proven approach that helps to outperform the competition!



Website optimization for search engines is much more than meta tagging, backend site structure, because competition for keywords is fierce, our freelance website promotion team uses a combination of “on the page” and “off the page” tactics in developing, implementing and monitoring your online promotion strategy.

Website optimization steps to be implemented on your website:

  • Optimize home page for search engines
  • Optimize website design for search engines
  • Optimize website text and images for search engines
  • Review current website
  • Research & Identify keyword phrases
  • Creating keyword phrase
  • Create page titles
  • Create meta descriptions
  • Open Directory description*
  • Follow up search engine ranking*
  • Submission to top search engines

Along with suitable search terms and useful site content, search engine friendly website design and website usability are also integral part of search engine optimization. Well designed, easily navigation, as well as persuasive content could make the users stay there, thus significantly contributing to a successful website.

Website Promotion is an innovative, cost-efficient and highly productive process that allows you to maximize your web site’s visibility by strategic positioning on the search engine results.


At Indian Freelancers for web design & web promotion services, we are proud to announce following freelance work for you and your business development.

Web Design » Our Indian Freelancers web design team can create a website that will best suit your needs. A free initial consultation will determine whether your site requires traditional page layouts using tables and background strips, or more advanced features, such as :

HTML programming
Java script
GIF animation
Custom graphics (buttons, arrow, bullets etc.)
Scanning of images
Meta tags*

Web Promotion » Indian Freelancers web promotion team regular service includes registration of your website with top search engines. If you need to inexpensively increase traffic to your site, ask about our promotion package that provides submission of your site to dozens of search engines. Our Website Promotion services includes :

Optimize Home Page for Search Engines
Optimize Site Design for Search Engines
Optimize Site Text for Search Engines
Review Current Site
Research & Identify Keyword Phrases
Creating Keyword Phrase
Create Page Titles
Create Key Page Meta Descriptions
Create Meta Keywords quote
Open Directory Description*
Follow Up Search Engine Ranking*
Submission to Top Search Engines

Website Hosting » Hosting your website is one of the important considerations you need to take into account when setting up your website. We have always kept a strict control of quality whilst keeping good value for money.
Servers are LINUX as standard but we offer Windows 2000 servers also, at small extra cost. We have a variety of website hosting options.

Website Re-design » Unhappy with your current Website? We can re-design or revamp your web site to meet your needs, often easily and inexpensively.

Website Maintenance » With every website there will always be a need for website maintenance. Indian Freelancers can offer you a affordable way to keep your website fresh with our website maintenance services, whether it’s a image or a whole page.

Banners and Panels » Banners and Panels are one of the best types of web advertising, creating an awareness & impression of your product/ services on the World Wide Web. Customize Panel is also a good type of web advertising on the World Wide Web. Customize panel size according to website requirement.

Content Writing » A good website is best described in terms of the content it offers. The content should convey the subject, functions and the objective of the website. Internet surfers would like to visit a website more than once if the content of the site exactly matches the subject of their interest. In terms of search engine optimization, the content of a website forms an integral part in formulating an effective search engine optimization strategy.

Web Consulting » We provide web consulation for all levels of web designers who need assistance with anything from page layout to image manipulation.

Contact Indian Freelancers Team, if you have any suggestions or any specific need about freelance web design services or freelance work.
* Condition apply

Build a blog website (php, python)



freelancer – Need to build a preferred website in (PHP, PYTHON) with the main features below:

* Separation of blogs by country. For example, Australian users can view Indian blogs. Likewise, other countries’ users can see that country’s blog by default.

* Several admin panels for administrative purposes. First, each user can upload any blog and the admin can delete it whenever needed.

* Upload supported files (images, videos, audio, pdf, ppt etc.).

* Filter exe files that don’t support on page.

* SMS code user profile and email code verification system.

In the menu section, there are terms and conditions that each user must accept when creating and uploading a blog.

* Easily visible from all types of devices.


If you are looking for full/part time work opportunities with Indian Freelancers of website design, web developement, search engine optimization etc. You’ve found a home.

The company has the following positions available. All positions are located in New Delhi, India and this is a work-from-home position.
Following is the FULL time job currently available with us –

Search Engine Optimizer
The candidate for this multi-faceted position is responsible for developing and executing search engine optimization strategies, managing email campaigns, performing campaign and site analysis.

This position includes the following responsibilities:
Work with clients and internal team to analyze and optimize websites against specific marketing metrics – adding, modifying, and removing placements as necessary
Continually monitor, test, revise, and update placements within existing deals
On an ongoing basis, run multiple reports from both internal tracking tools and partners’ external reporting tools, and aggregate data in a useful format. Report on findings
Provide strategic thinking in regards to measuring, analyzing and reporting on campaign performance

We are looking for a self-motivated individual who can work well independently. The position requires the ability to learn new technologies and communicate effectively.
Graduate from any field
Demonstrable base level understanding of web design and HTML as it pertains to SEO
Highly knowledgeable about natural search tactics and how web metrics are tracked (http headers, redirect, tracking pixels, etc.)
Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills
Desire to work in a fast-paced and competitive environment
Excellent organizational skills and an ability to manage multiple tasks
Independent worker and self-starter

Your resume must include a phone number and email address where we can reach you and a current and past salary history.


Indian Freelancers offers a wide varity of items to spruce it up. From logo and banners, to brochure, book title and catalogue design, Indian Freelancers will give the look you want to achieve at a price you can afford. Simply let us know what your needs are and our freelance graphic designer will design a look that is personally yours.

Our freelance graphic designer is tertiary educated and has many years experience in the industry. So if you require cover design of books or magazines, posters, brochures, product catalogues, letterheads or envelopes designing to giving a new look to your website, we are able to provide equally creative graphic solutions that can add value to your business. Our designs contribute to providing comprehensive product and service information and encourage repeat business with an increased awareness.

A brochure with a good design and a well thought out copy can help your business stand out from the clutter. Your corporate brochure, product catalog and flyers, all portray your corporate image.

They are an extension of your business image and influence your customer’s perception of your identity. Their role extends far beyond the apparent one of providing information. Your prospects will make a decision based not only on the information presented in your brochures, but also on the basis of how it has been presented.

A brochure or a flyer is quite often, one of the first means of communication with your prospect. We can help you make your first impressions lasting ones. We can create brochures which, through their visual design, communicate your corporate-brand personality to your target market. Each of our designs is individualistic and conceptualised to deliver maximum impact. The designs are developed after a careful study and analysis of your industry and profile of the target market.

If you do not have a logo, we will design it for you and use it as a cornerstone for the visual design of the rest of the elements of your corporate image. A logo is often considered the most important element of a company’s identity. Corporates and individuals are known to spend substantial amounts of time to get it ‘right’. A logo is the ‘jist’ of all that a firm stands for, its purpose, its culture, its principles, its guiding factors. In essence, a logo is seen as a personification of a firm.

Indian Freelancers can also arrange to have printing or processing completed by affiliates in the industry with on-demand printing and quick processing times.

As specialists we believe we can offer the best prices around combined with a fast turnaround and a big emphasis on quality. Should you require more details or a quote on any of the products or services we offer just email us for a chat and one of our freelance graphic designer will contact you soon.