August 2019


Indian Freelancers offers a wide varity of items to spruce it up. From logo and banners, to brochure, book title and catalogue design, Indian Freelancers will give the look you want to achieve at a price you can afford. Simply let us know what your needs are and our freelance graphic designer will design a look that is personally yours.

Our freelance graphic designer is tertiary educated and has many years experience in the industry. So if you require cover design of books or magazines, posters, brochures, product catalogues, letterheads or envelopes designing to giving a new look to your website, we are able to provide equally creative graphic solutions that can add value to your business. Our designs contribute to providing comprehensive product and service information and encourage repeat business with an increased awareness.

A brochure with a good design and a well thought out copy can help your business stand out from the clutter. Your corporate brochure, product catalog and flyers, all portray your corporate image.

They are an extension of your business image and influence your customer’s perception of your identity. Their role extends far beyond the apparent one of providing information. Your prospects will make a decision based not only on the information presented in your brochures, but also on the basis of how it has been presented.

A brochure or a flyer is quite often, one of the first means of communication with your prospect. We can help you make your first impressions lasting ones. We can create brochures which, through their visual design, communicate your corporate-brand personality to your target market. Each of our designs is individualistic and conceptualised to deliver maximum impact. The designs are developed after a careful study and analysis of your industry and profile of the target market.

If you do not have a logo, we will design it for you and use it as a cornerstone for the visual design of the rest of the elements of your corporate image. A logo is often considered the most important element of a company’s identity. Corporates and individuals are known to spend substantial amounts of time to get it ‘right’. A logo is the ‘jist’ of all that a firm stands for, its purpose, its culture, its principles, its guiding factors. In essence, a logo is seen as a personification of a firm.

Indian Freelancers can also arrange to have printing or processing completed by affiliates in the industry with on-demand printing and quick processing times.

As specialists we believe we can offer the best prices around combined with a fast turnaround and a big emphasis on quality. Should you require more details or a quote on any of the products or services we offer just email us for a chat and one of our freelance graphic designer will contact you soon.